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PICK A NICHE; DISCUSSING DEFI, TA AND FA. Defi is simple the short term for "decentralized finance", which draws its inspiration from Blockchain, it allows several entities to hold a copy of transaction history, which means it's not controlled by one central source. Defi is distinct because it expands the Use of Blockchain from simple value transfer to more complex financial use cases… Technical analysis and Fundamental analysis are the bedrock of crypto trading, thus this makes it a part of cryptocurrencies that you can't take for granted.. To know more about these join the conversation today at 8 pm GMT+1 as we discuss the depths of Defi,TA and FA.... Grind & Earn is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: PICK A NICHE Time: May 13, 2021  8:00 PM Join Zoom Meeting
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Nigeria’s 1st Blockchain Hub – Set To Foster Blockchain Innovative Solutions

  Since the mainstream attention on bitcoin/cryptocurrency around the world, most nations and organizations have launched out to research and implement the technology to their  scheme of things. Apart from Blockchain being the underlying technology facilitating cryptocurrencies, the technology offers more. with the recent success experienced by various players  in the industry in a short while, the need to collaborate, network and drive adoption in the space amongst various players.  Therefore, the  need to have various hubs that will provide the right environment and platforms for these collaborative initiatives is eminent and in line with this,  Convexity Blockchain Hub – Nigeria's 1st Blockchain Innovation hub is now up and running with aim to be the main go-to blockchain solutions hub in Nigeria located in the heart of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. with the hub's grand opening this Saturday may 8th 2021. The hub is Bringing together Nigeria blockchain communities c

What You Don't Know About Cryptocurrency

What THEY Won't Disclose About Cryptocurrency [The Earlier You KNOW This, The Better] Just yesterday, I had to pay one of my customers who resides in Jos for a service he rendered to me. On receiving his account, I tried severally to forward the agreed amount using our traditional banking system. I kept getting "error" messages on various trials, and this is how stressful transacting with our local banks have become. I kept trying my luck for what seems like 2 hours;  you heard me right. On the other hand, my customer was on in a hurry. As a result of that, I felt pressured and that led me into switching off  my phone several times in an attempt to check if the network will get better.  ...But what happened? I remained stuck with a bad network. Immediately the thought of an alternative came, I quickly reached out to him to request for his wallet address, but he seemed not to have any prior knowledge about cryptocurrency. I had to put him through on how he could download a

How Does One Obtain or Trade Cryptocurrency?

  After having series of lectures today, I was on my way back to the house, and while I was waiting for a taxi to take  me home. I saw one of my friend who is a very good cryptocurrency trader and we got talking about the cryptocurrency market and how some coins have done so well in the past months. Beside us were two girls having their own conversation, it happened that my friend knows one of the girls, so we had to say hi to them as we were about to part ways. We all exchanged pleasantries, and one of the girl said she overheard us talking about  all these online nonsense, that we should stop wasting our time. I had to laugh out loud; It was obvious she spoke out of ignorance, and for that fact, she needed to be schooled which we took upon ourselves. After what seems like 10 minutes, we left them happy and fulfilled. I will also want you to feel the same way  by educating you all today on what you need to know about Trading Cryptocurrency. Let's cut to the chase. Cryptocurrency i
 PICK A NICHE; BUILDING BLOCKCHAIN PRODUCTS Building Blockchain products is an important aspect of the cryptocurrency sector. Blockchain technology was first announced through the paper titled Bitcoin: An Electronic cash system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, this invention had a mix of public-key cryptography invented in the (1970’S ), Cryptographic hash functions and proof-of-work. In the past few years, many blockchain-inspired projects have been created. Though most of them are not technically blockchains but are rather distributed ledger systems. Few steps on how to build a good blockchain product; Identify a suitable use case. There's a lot of hype around the blockchain, stories of how blockchain will wipe away Global poverty, make the world a corrupt-free place and do a lot more with ease. This totally is not true, so identify a good use case that would yield funds as a business. Such as; Data Authentication and Verification, Smart Asset Management: This Includes issua
PICK A NICHE  The place of content creation can not be overemphasized, not just in the blockchain industry but in the growing tech world. Reasons why building a career in content creation is important, contents can actually pass true or false information. Which on daily news media are always engaged. Products and projects are described through contents, even with media videos a script is always required, crypto companies do a lot of content creation thereby creating job opportunities for content creators.  there are actually different types of content creations; *Articles *listicles  *Infographics  *newsletters  Only to mention but a few, you choose any of these and become a master. You can become a freelancer and make some cash daily. Join the conversation as we discuss more on how to to become a content writer in the crypto space, the challenges faced by writers and how to become a better writer. Date;22/04/2021 Time;6:00pm GMT+1 venue:ZOOM Orduson Gold is inviting you to a scheduled
 The Australia Securities and Investments Commission, ASIC requests for more cooperation with crypto firms to work together, but the industry executive are confused about their duties while crypto firms say rules are unclear. The ASIC has urged the local crypto and Blockchain firms to work with regulators to help them build innovations in the region. Senior advisor of strategic intelligence at ASIC, Jonathan Hatch, spoke at a Blockchain conference on Monday,19th April, Explained that the regulator is trying to foster a mutual relationship with the crypto industry. Kevin Saunders, the CIO of the Monochrome Asset Management, clearly highlighted that while the Blockchain sector adjusts to comprehend the ASIC regulatory framework, the ASIC needs to provide clarity in other for effective compliance from the industry. Saunders pointed specifically at the capacity of existing regulations, characterizing the industry’s oversight as “too ephemeral for large institutions to engage with it”. Nati