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MEGA Chrome Extension Compromised to Steal Users’ Monero.

The MEGA Chrome extension version 3.39.4 has been compromised and can now steal user’s Monero in addition to other sensitive information, according to recent posts on Twitter and Reddit. MEGA Chrome extension is a tool that claims to improve browser performance by reducing page loading times, in addition to providing a secure cloud storage service.
The official Twitter account of Monero (XMR) posted a warning, advising XMR holders to steer clear of MEGA.

Another user tweeted that, in addition to Monero, the extension could also steal sensitive user data. 

Redditor u/gattacus posted on Monero’s official Reddit page that they became suspicious of foul play following a request for new permission following an extension update:

“There was an update to the extension and Chrome asked for new permission That made me suspicious and I checked the extension code locally (which is mostly javascript anyways). MEGA also has the source code of the extension on github There was no comment recently. To me it looks either their Google Webstore account was hacked or someone inside MEGA did this. Pure speculation though.”
At press time, the MEGA Chrome extension was unavailable for download on the Chrome Webstore. Clicking the link for the extension resulted in a 404 error.
XMR, which — despite some claims to the contrary — is lauded as a private and “untraceable” cryptocurrency, has been the target of illicit and illegal activities in the crypto space.
In several instances, cryptojackers have used the computer power of web visitors to secretly mine XMR. In June, a McAfee report found 2.9 million samples of coin miner malware, which works by using Coinhive code — a program designed to mine XMR on a web browser.
In September last year, Cointelegraph reported that a group of Russian hackers installed crypto mining malware on 9,000 computers over the course of two years. The hackers were hijacking machines to mine XMR and Zcash (ZEC), among other cryptocurrencies. 

Total earnings were estimated to be $209,000 for Monero alone.
XMR is the tenth biggest cryptocurrency, with market capitalization of over $2 billion at press time. The cryptocurrency is currently trading over $138, having gained 0.47 percent over the last 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap

South Korea’s national postal service Korea Post (KP) will meet with Goldman Sachs executives to gain “know-how” about cryptocurrencies, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, September 5.
The service, which oversees an investment fund of $112 billion, said a meeting about crypto had already taken place with Goldman’s incoming chief executive, David Solomon, in New York. Speaking to the Bloomberg in an interview, the post service’s president Kang Seong-ju confirmed that  KP officials would also travel to Hong Kong to meet with Goldman’s dedicated cryptocurrency team there, which the banking giant set up earlier this year.

“I asked Goldman to pass on their know-how in the cryptocurrency area,” Kang told the publication, adding:
“Since cryptocurrencies are considered to have potential and are something many people are watching, we’ll need to learn the strengths and weaknesses.”
The news represented somewhat ironic timing, with reports surfacing the same day that Goldman had shelved plans to offer cryptocurrency trading products. The revelation produced temporary volatility across cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin losing up to $500 in minutes and going on to lose support at $6,500.

And we know that hackers wont Stop de from trying to steal from people, but Its our responsibility as investors to get know more about how to secure our accounts and wallets.

Thats why We encourage our readers to get to research more about this technology.

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