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US Wall Street Portfolio Managers and Strategist Seeks To Shift Focus in 2020?

After some downward trend at the Wall Street experts believe the bull run will back in the market and will continue into the year 2020. all the concerns about the US economic growth, but there's consensus suggesting that stocks can continue to rise.
For maximum returns,  portfolio managers have indicated they'll look elsewhere, with this developments pundits suggest that cryptocurrencies might likely be the next focus for this managers and institutional investors
    Neil Dwane, a portfolio manager and global strategist at Allianz Global Investors, thinks that the heated run-up to the 2020 election is likely to weigh on prices and might literally continue till after the elections.
    whence the reason to start looking elsewhere for stable market profits and maximum returns

    "While the United States has offered investors strong returns for many years now, the country will likely spend much of next year grappling with growing political uncertainty," 
    with Donald Trump making a tweet sometime this year about his disagreement with bitcoin. no surprises his tweet had a downward effect on bitcoin price in the following days after the tweet. However bitcoin didn't stop to gain more mainstream attention with a few institutions and nations exploring the technology and taking position in anticipation of the foreseen boom predicted by experts in the coming months in 2020.
    Apparently cryptocurrency is posing to be a treat to banks and its been considered to be an asset by the crypto community, but for the dismissal of the concept of it being a security by the US security and Exchange commission (SEC). 
    moving into a new decade hopes are rising with anticipation that the crypto space will attract many of the institutional investors and asset managers from Wall Street and across the globe.

                "The real investment opportunities in 2020 may very well be found abroad."

    Dwane's case: "The US equity market appears overvalued, trading at around 19 times earnings, and we don't expect much more upside in 2020 as possible recession looms. Meanwhile, non-US equities are around 20% to 45% cheaper, offer higher dividend yields and better earnings growth prospects, and may benefit from a softer US dollar."
    It's a view that's cropped up in a good chunk of Wall Street's predictions for the year ahead. Here's Bank of America: "In a reversal of trend, US stock returns are expected to lag gains forecast for Europe and emerging market stocks next year." The bank recommends that clients rotate some of their holdings out of US stocks and into equities from the rest of the world.
    JPMorgan made a similar call in September. It advised moving into international stocks, particularly from Europe and Japan.
    Not everyone is on the same page. LPL Financial said in its 2020 outlook that despite attractive valuations in developed international markets like Europe, it would need to see a move toward stimulus spending to become more bullish. Expect the debate to continue in the coming months.
    first seen on CCN BUSINESS.
    let us know your thoughts in the comment section what you think of these developments on Wall Street and steps you think key players might want to take. 


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