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Introducing Afrinext: A weekly Series dedicated To African Startups

Afrinext is a weekly series dedicated to promote Nigerian/African blockchain and crypto projects. we seek to present the startup community in Nigeria the opportunities to gain awareness, network, and collaborate as much as thrive together.  we are interested in shortening the curve for startups with efforts to provide them with relevant information and avenues to be seen, heard and thrive.  As a startup, we have noticed that a lot of startups find it difficult to scale. for the lack of structures to leverage on and that is why we have decided to come up with these series dedicated to putting the spotlight on existing and new projects, providing first the opportunity to be seen and heard.  With these series we feature projects on all our platforms week in week out and we here encourage every legitimate project interested in the series to reach out as we join forces to create the space we want to see and have. we have lined up a couple of these projects mostly blockchain projects and we

Robert Kiyosaki: "Gold And Real Estate Guys are Being Phased Out"

Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, ” says investing in real estate and gold may not be the future of finance as much as cryptocurrency comes into focus. In an interview July 8 with Bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano, AKA Pomp, on Kiyosaki’s radio show, the author said traditional investments like gold and real estate could come second to the rising crypto assets. "As an old guy, it's taken me a while to get onto [cryptocurrency], but now I'm buying it," Kiyosaki said. The author has predicted that the price of (BTC) could reach $75,000 within three years. "I think it's important, especially for old guys like me, to understand the crypto world because that's the world that's coming into view right now and us real estate and gold guys are being phased out."   Gold Over Bitcoin Kiyosaki’s prediction comes as the asset - gold reached its all time highs in nearly a decade on July 9, breaking $1,800. Economic fears in reaction from the pandemic

Singapore's First National Blockchain Payments Platform Ready for Commercial Launch

Singapore has joined the league of nations to adopt and implement blockchain open ledger payment network to their national payment line with these the government entered into partnership with Temasek to develop a national decentralized payment network. Earlier today Singapore authorities announced that their blockchain payments project, "Project Ubin", is complete and ready for commercial launch.  The Monetary Authority of Singapore, MAS, first undertook Project Ubin in 2017 with plans to first develop a digitized Singapore dollar (SGD). The next steps involved exploring blockchain and distributed ledger technology to build a system for the clearing and settlement of payments and securities using digital SGD. For the final phase of the project, MAS worked in collaboration with the Singapore-based investment company Temasek and the American investment bank JPMorgan.  MAS successfully completed the development of the payments network prototype in November 2019. The au

UNICEF Innovation Fund Set To Fund Blockchain And Crypto Startup projects

UNICEF is looking for start ups that are creating products and solutions in the DEFI ecosystem and decentralized open-source network to apply for their seed fund program and stand eligibility to get funded. UNICEF’s financial and technological Innovation support Fund is available for companies that can shoe a strong founding team and a clear path to improving society.  The UNICEF Innovation Fund is looking to make up to  $100K equity-free investments  fund(in USD , BITCOIN and ETHEREUM ) to provide early stage (seed) financing to for-profit technology startups that will benefit humanity.  Qualified startups stand to be funded from the available $100k seed fund. Given the current global climate and a dramatic shift to a digital world as a result of COVID-19 , open-source solutions that address critical needs for society are as important as ever. startups in these interest would stand greater chance of consideration. Shortlisted companies will be contacted wi

Dogecoin Listed on Bitfinix After An All Time Pump And Dump Movement

 Dogecoin (DOGE) has been officially listed and its been traded on one of cryptocurrency major exchange Bitfinex as at the time of writing this. In a Twitter announcement earlier today on July 10, Bitfinex said that deposits were already available and it would begin support Dogecoin at 8:30 am UTC from today. Dogecoin Before The Bitfinex Listing  The move sums an eccentric week for Dogecoin, which saw its value shoot up after a spontaneous social media publicity campaign involving users of TikTok platform. Apparently due to the attention that the campaign generated, Bitfinex stepped into the trading arena revealing Google data suggests that many new users are attempting to purchase DOGE as a result. The move may have been responsible for more noticeable price gains. After TikTok, which led DOGE/USD to an all time highs, Thursday July 9 witnessed a fresh high of $0.0052 for the pair. But has since then seen a price reversal with DOGE managing a new support level at $0

Differentiating Scam Crypto Projects And Legit Projects

Since Bitcoin became mainstream, we have seen countless scam schemes that claim to be crypto projects but are just scam projects that seek to cart away with investors money. a whole lot of them have succeed and are still succeeding in doing this. the reason why they keep getting away with this schemes, is that a lot of crypto enthusiasts and investors don't have a proper knowledge of how the cryptocurrency space works. This is the reason why we have decided to put some contents together both on our YouTube channel and podcast to give investors and especially newbies the heads up to figure out when scam projects come knocking. The crypto space is in its early stage with peculiar opportunities as well as challenges. There are scammers in probably every walk of life, seeking and exploring new ways and opportunities to extort their victims. below we will discuss give key points to figure out a scam or ponzi project. Five ways to know scam or crypto projects Important to

Indian Farmers Organization to Use Blockchain for Supply Chains

India’s largest farm organizations (FPO), Sahyadri Farmers Producer Co, is integrating blockchain technology into its production and business processes. FPOs are member-based institutions of farmers that are the result of a government-led initiative.  The organizations help farmers sell agricultural produce at the most advantageous prices.  Local news outlet The Hindu Business Line reported that Sahyadri will use blockchain technology for its supply chains to increase efficiency and transparency in the traceability of food produce. Better Deals And Opportunities For Both Parties The founder of Sahyadri, Vivek Shinde, said that in the present scenario, farmers only get 25% of final price of sold goods. However, with increased efficiency through blockchain implementation, they can share as much as 50% of their revenue with farmers. The organization expects to use blockchain-based data sharing to improve trust in its pricing and sales information that it shares with farmers

Blockchain Exec Wes Levitt Says Decentralized Platforms Can't Replace YouTube

YouTube’s ban on crypto-related content has been problematic for the industry and it is spurring attention and demand for decentralized alternatives. However, Wes Levitt, head of strategy at Theta Labs the firm behind was quoted saying; both YouTube and decentralized platforms can co-exist.  YouTube is increasingly banning crypto-related content. In April, Jason Appleton, known as Crypto Crow, was banned from YouTube briefly. In May, Cointelegraph’s Bitcoin halving Livestream was canceled abruptly. Levitt told Cointelegraph, “We definitely see this censorship of crypto content as a problem, and we've recently welcomed several crypto streamers onto platform as a result. A fully decentralized platform will become inevitable as more streamers creatives and individuals seek to have total control over their contents worst still, are now facing possible  ban from YouTube and other major platforms.” In reality we agree that think YouTube will still be

Russia's Blockchain Voting System Could Allow Users Decrypt Results Before Official Count!

According to local reports, the blockchain-based system allowed constituents to decipher their own private votes or let third-parties do so. Russia’s blockchain-based voting system for the constitutional amendments had a vulnerability that reportedly made it possible to decipher votes before the official count.  Could   Constituents decipher own private keys?   According to research by Russia-language news outlet Meduza, when the constituents casted their vote via a special website, the results would get encrypted by a JavaScript library called TweetNaCl.js.  This is an implementation of  "Networking and Cryptography," or NaCi, cryptography library created by mathematician Daniel J. Bernstein and two other contributing cryptographers Tanja Lange and Peter Schwabe.  Per Meduza, the voting system relied on the deterministic encryption, meaning that using the same parameters lead to identical ciphertexts. Both the sender and the receiver received a shared key, whi

Public Mint Launches First ‘Fiat-Native Public Blockchain

Public Mint is a fiat-based blockchain open platform that allows anyone to easily create fiat accounts and transfer funds between any individual, business, device or application. And  on July 1 2020 Mint  launched its  first  ‘fiat-native’ public blockchain following a two year development process.  The platform comprises a blockchain for the tokenization of fiat currencies that are held in the accounts of insured and regulated fiat custodians,essentially comprising a stablecoin backed by a network of banks around the world. Public Mint claims to have already partnered with a network of more than 200 banks to hold the funds backing its fiat token network. Their site does not provide further details on banking partners, although Hyperledger and IBM Digital Asset Labs are named in the announcement as supporters. Companies that use Public Mint can accept payment via credit card, wire transfer, or ACH payment. While the network only supports U.S dollars at launch, the platf