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DEGO - A Cross-Chain NFT+DeFi Protocol & Infrastructure Technology is building a cross-chain NFT + DeFi protocol and infrastructure, dedicated to exploring the utility and adoption of NFTs, including NFT minting, mining, trading, auctions and more DeFi applications. also offers a cross-chain infrastructure to enable blockchain projects to grow their user base, distribute tokens, and to develop more diverse NFT-powered applications. is also building a Parachain through Substrate, enabling cross-chain NFT asset transfers, combining applications and underlying protocols. consists of a complete suite of products to manage the lifecycle of NFTs, including Blind-box, NFT Foundry, Mining, Auction and a trading venue at

The project developed ECR908/BEP908 (on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain respecitvely), the Protocol for empowering NFTs, including various features such as Separation of Ownership and Utility of an NFT, Flexible Synthesis and Separation functions between NFTs, Sharing and Authorisation of Attributes of an NFT. also developed NFTFORGOOD.ORG for Binance Charity Foundation, where artists can Mint NFTs and sell for charitable causes. The project also developed NFT ScanDrop and issued exclusive NFTs for Binance Blockchain Week and BSC Farmers’ Day.

DEGO is the utility token of the ecosystem and is available on the ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards. DEGO can be used for protocol governance, user participation incentives, purchasing and mining NFTs, and more.


Key Features and Highlights

In October 2020, Dego NFTs ranked no.1 in terms of ERC721 transaction volume. is now the biggest NFT Secondary Market on BSC, generating 11,728.5 BNB/$2.8M USD of sales with 21,481 transactions. has supported NFTs via mining and trading from partners such as Sorare, Super Rare, Axie, KCS Cart, Wrapped Cryptopunks, Binance Blockchain Week, BSC Farmers’ Day, Pancake Bunnies, Bounce, QIAN, Alpaca, Seascape, Cocos, MNA, Lootex, MATH Wallet, Bondly, Burger, and more.

DEGO Tokenomics



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