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How To Send Money With Ease To Anyone In Few Minutes At The Comfort Of Your Home.

Have you ever notice the potholes in today's financial system? 

• How difficult it is to send money outside Nigeria. 

• The excessive documents and personal details required. 

How about the slow transaction rate and high charges? 

It's indeed clear that I'm part of that broken system.

I've always wished that there was a way out.

As a result of this, people are discouraged to start exporting goods because getting their money from the customers has always been a challenge.

Take for instance:

Mrs. Nkechi sells palm oil in Nigeria and she thought of expanding her business through supplying oil outside the country.

She put all she needs to start in place but then one thing was a problem.

And what was this?

How she will be paid by her customers without going through stress and having almost all her profits taken by the banks.

She was discouraged because there was no better system in place to aid her transact globally.

To this effect, her business still remains restricted to only Nigeria.

You wouldn't want to be restricted like Mrs Nkechi right?

If yes, congratulations.

Stay with me, you will know how you can do better with what I will share with you soon.

I believe we all have always wished for a better system where we can transact globally without having to go through much protocols.

Well, I've found a way out and I'm ready to share with you, that's if you stick till the end.

Do you know that with just your phone and an internet connection you can send and receive money anywhere in the world?

All you need is a Cryptocurrency wallet which can be downloaded on your phone.

Upon creating an account, you will be assigned two addresses; a public and a private address.

Public address allows you receive funds from others, just like how people send us money using our account number.

Private address allows you send funds to others, a typical example is how we use our pin to emit funds.

Both the sender and the receiver must have a Cryptocurrency wallet to be able to transact.

Amazing right?

I'm not even done yet.

Do you know that all this can be done in minutes without involving any middle man?

Transaction fees are not even much, unlike what we have with our traditional banks.

Cryptocurrency has brought freedom, and it is wise that you explore your world with it.

 It is not wrong to want a better financial service and getting started now is undoubtedly the right to do.


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